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Wholesale Salami Sauce (8/10 Heat) (Loose Glass Bottles -0) VIP

Wholesale Salami Sauce (8/10 Heat) (Loose Glass Bottles -0) VIP

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  • Are your household salami bills getting out of hand?
  • Are you sick and tired of your salami not having enough salami flavour?
  • Has your stupid doctor told you to stop eating processed meats?
  • Are you sick of hot sauces that don’t taste like salami?

Well we’ve got great news for you. We heard your complaints and whipped up this delicious little sauce that 7/10 drunk people at a chilli festival think tastes like Salami.

Vegetarians and vegans can finally rejoice.

Use this sauce on anything that needs a bit of heat and flavour.

Behold Bunsters Salami Sauce that CONTAINS NO ACTUAL SALAMI! It’s like some kind of meaty miracle.


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