Bunsters has gone from strength to strength since kicking off the business with a kickstarter campaign in 2015. We didn’t know if people really wanted this crazy hot sauce with the silly name so we asked the crowd to put their money where their mouth was. We pre-sold $250,000 worth of sauce and Bunsters was officially incorporated and we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since.

Our first foray into Equity Crowdfunding during the height of COVID uncertainty in 2020 saw us blown away when we raised 2 million dollars from an adoring crowd. (See more on our 'In the Press' Page). We put that money to good use doubling our hot sauce offering and taking the company in a new direction – alcohol. 

In 2022 we raised another 1.25 million dollars again through equity Crowdfunding to fund our newest alcohol venture in a space that was blowing up a lot more than lava hot vodka – ready to drink cocktails.

We return triumphantly to the Birchal crowd again in 2023 with the news that our hot sauces are now stocked in Woolworths and our cocktails are also now stocked in the Coles owned First Choice liquor stores. Bunsters has proven that we can create mainstream products and get them stocked in the duopoly. The company that started as a funny joke is now being taken seriously by the big boys and our track record on home soil has set us up to take on the world.

We’re now aggressively targeting overseas markets. We’re raising money again in 2023 to fund our global expansion plans. The future looks bright for Bunsters as we push ahead with being the only Australian Food and Beverage Brand that’s bottling the Australian spirit and shipping it to the world. I invite you to come along with us as we continue this exciting journey into fridges all over the globe.

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