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Shit The Bed 12/10 - 1 x 150ml

Shit The Bed 12/10 - 1 x 150ml

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Shit the bed is a global hot sauce phenomenon for a reason: It’s the first super-hot sauce to come along that actually tastes good! Rammed with as many amazing ingredients as it is packed with lava hot Scorpion Chillies, this sauce is a perfectly balanced hot sauce unicorn. Teetering on the edge of dangerously hot, dangerously addictive and dangerously messy in the bed it has won millions of fans all over the globe. 

With a trademark indescribable “Bunsters Flavour” that’s a well rounded mix of floral and punchy chillies, a mix of citrus, veggies, coriander, garlic and ginger this is the one sauce chilli heads keep coming back to. 

Hot sauce aficionados know that Shit the Bed rode the crest of the global ‘craft hot sauce revolution.’ It single handedly started the craft sauce scene in Australia, changing the spicy landscape downunder forever. Tasting it and burning your face off is a rite of passage for any hot sauce lover or unsuspecting fool. 

An amazing gift to give to the person who always complains that nothing is ever hot enough. This one will shut them up, and crucially they’ll finish the bottle because it tastes so damn good.

Heat 12/10

Made in Australia

Ingredients: Orange Juice, Vegetables [Chillies (Scorpion and Bird's Eye), Brown Onions, Garlic], Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Coriander, Lime Juice, Goji Berries, Ginger, Himalayan Pink Salt, Potato Starch.

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