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Join us at First Choice Brookvale on Saturday 18th November between 3 and 6pm for a free tasting of Bunsters Cocktails.
  Picture it New York, 1998, you Carrie, Samantha, Mr Big and Cosmo Kramer are sitting around in a smokey bar drinking Cosmopolitans laughing about that stupid Soup Nazi. You're all on top of the world! Nothing's gonna bring you down!!

And just like that, now it's only you sipping on a can of ready to drink Bunsters Cosmo at home, vaping. Ciggies got cancelled, there's too much COVID in the bars, Carrie and Samantha hate each other's guts, Mr Big got 'Me Too'd and Kramer got cancelled for an explosive racist tirade.

Times change, people change, but this drink hasn't changed one bit. It's still a mouth-watering mix of cranberry and lime juice, vodka and orange. Not too tart, not too sweet, not bitchy, sleazy or racist. It's the only thing that's aged well since the 90s.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Get this can really cold. Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes. Shake before serving, and carefully pour in to one of those stupid Martini glasses that make you spill your drink everywhere. No ice needed. Call a mate and talk about your favourite Seinfeld or Sex and the City episode. If you don’t know what those shows were You Tube “Soup Nazi” or “SATC funky tasting”. It was a different time kids.
True story: The owner of the company knew she had to make a Gin drink because she’d read in a magazine at the dentists that this “Gin” stuff was quite popular. But the problem was – Renae Bunster hates gin. So she asked her mates: “Oi what juice do youse drink with gin?”

A sophisticated man from Bondi Beach, with a palate made of pure 24 carat gold suggested: “Pink Grapefruit and home-made lemonade” (FYI it was Drew from @winewankers) “Orright then” said Renae and asked Dr Drinks to whip her up one of these fabulous pink drinks.

It was so delicious Renae instantly became a full-on gin drinker. This drink is so amazing it can turn a life-long gin h8r into a lover with one can! This drink is powerful, and we’re not talking about the alcohol. It is so delicious it’s now Renae’s favourite cocktail out of the entire range (maybe neck n neck with Pornstar Martini). If you love Gin prepare to fall head over heels, and if you know a gin hater you want to convert – slip them one of these.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: This one is carbonated so don’t shake it, just pour it over ice. Put on a fancy hat and some tight white shorts and go sit in the garden and drink it. Smell the flowers and freshly vacuumed fake lawn.

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