Bunsters Australian Made Agave Spirit


Bunsters is stoked to unveil our newest babies  


We imported Agave Cactus from Mexico, fermented it, distilled it and then flavoured it 4 different ways because there’s enough normal Agave Spirit in the world. We made Agave Spirit Bunsters Style!

Shit The Bed Agave Spirit

The flagship spirit is an Unaged Silver Agave Tequilana with a cheeky kick of Charapita chilli - absolutely perfect to sip or use in Spicy Margaritas. With natural notes of honey, caramel and vanilla, it's DELICIOUS. My friends and I drank a whole bottle of it the other night as it was so sippable, they just kept pouring it. You’ve never tasted Agave Spirit like this before.

40%ABV. 500ml $60.


Peanut Butter Agave Spirit

Bunsters Peanut Butter Agave Spirit is the drink you didn't know you needed in your life, it’s like drinking a liquid Snickers Bar. Peanuts meld with chocolate and caramel to create a drink that slides down your throat so easily. I can guarantee you’ll become so obsessed with it your family will have to stage an intervention on you.

30% ABV. 500ml $50.

Tingle Tini Agave Spirit

Tingle Tini Agave Spirit is a liquified version of your favourite Fruit Tingle lollies. It's not sickly sweet, it's tangy, deliciously addictive and more fun than a game of naked Twister at your mixed Netball annual wind up party. It’s an absolutely delectable liquid you won’t be able to put down. Makes insanely good Fruit Tingle Seltzers.

30% ABV. 500ml $50.


Cinni Buns Agave Spirit

Our Cinnibuns Liqueur is a smooth sweet warming irresistible liquid version of a cinnamon bun. Perfect at Easter, Christmas and every occasion in between. Sip it, shot it or mix it but always make sure you share it, especially around a campfire.

30% ABV. 500ml $50.




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