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Spicy Cheese in a Can - 'That's What Cheese Said'

Spicy Cheese in a Can - 'That's What Cheese Said'

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Silky smooth orange cheddar cheese made spicy with jalapenos and rammed in to a can. That's our promise to you with this amazing Bunsters product.

Try the cult favourite pressurised cheese Americans just can't live without, now in Australia! Try it on all your favourite foods or just shove it straight in your mouth. Life is better with spicy cheese in a can.

Due to high demand for 'That's What Cheese Said Cheese in a Can' and the amount of time it takes to juice 12 real cheeses and insert them in to every can, there will be a slight delay on your order. We are expecting to ship these in April 2024 . So hang tight and trust us, it'll be worth the wait.

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