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4 Pack of Hot Honey (each bottle $6)

4 Pack of Hot Honey (each bottle $6)

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*** 4 Pack of Hot Honey for $24 ***

If you thought your life was complete you were wrong.

Bunsters Hot Honey now completes you.

Made from carefully selected single origin Australian Eucalyptus Honey Farms and blended with the most expensive and delicious chillies in the world (the glorious Charapita) this is hands down the finest spicy honey that’s ever been bottled.

Australian honey is already highly prized for its quality and purity and we’ve sourced some of the best tasting honey we could find.

The mild heat in this one makes it perfect for the ‘Sweet Chilli Sauce’ aficionado.

It’s high on the sweet and light on the heat so you can slam it down fast.

You simply must use this hot honey on your pizzas, immediately!

You didn’t know this but your pizza without Bunsters Hot Honey - it sucks. But it’s not too late.

Order a pizza immediately and make it right.

This hot honey also goes perfectly on cooked meats and in marinades, dressings and dipping sauces.

So whack on a bit of Mother Nature’s own sweet chilli sauce and prepare to be amazed at how it elevates everything.

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